# Get Involved

The OpenMRS Community, Circa 2013
The OpenMRS Community, Circa 2013

Now that you understand the basics of OpenMRS development, you can do a lot or you can do a little. How deep you dive into the OpenMRS community is up to you! Keep in mind that someone may want to pick up your work where you leave off, so be sure to document everything as you go along.

# Finding JIRA Issues

If you don't know where to begin putting your development skills to good use, start with JIRA's Issue Navigator to view Introductory Issues. These are Ready for Work and have been deemed the right amount of complexity for a new OpenMRS developer.

Read https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/ISM/JIRA+Issue+Tracking+System for introductory issues and other tips on getting started working with JIRA issues.

# Community Development Swim Lane

The "Community Development" swim lane has two objectives. The first is working on high-priority bugs and long-standing issues, and the second is providing accessible mentorship to new developers. There are always experienced developers leading this swim lane. This leadership role entails serving as a mentor to new developers, including guidance on anything from which introductory issues the new developer should choose to helping with troubleshooting as you work on those issues, or providing tips for your own OpenMRS-related projects. To help you find this person, read our Wiki page on the community development swim lane and calendar at http://om.rs/newdevswimlane.

# Mentoring Programs

See if there is an official mentoring program coming up. OpenMRS is one of many open source projects that has successfully participated in

# Community Gatherings Online

The daily scrum meeting, weekly design forums, weekly leadership meetings, and occasional use of the OpenMRS University classroom are great places to learn, as well as share. You can view the OpenMRS Calendar for the timing of events. If you have design-related questions and would like some community feedback, sign up to be on the agenda of a design forum that is convenient for you. That may seem scary now, but you are among friends. Hopefully you are working on a project that will be used in implementations. That makes it interesting to others in the community.

# Community Gatherings Around the World

The annual Implementers Meeting began in 2006 as a way to bring members of the community together during a dedicated amount of time to collaborate, share implementation experiences, and find ways to improve OpenMRS. Developers are welcome to attend and may even apply for financial assistance.

People from OpenMRS regularly participate in other open source and eHealth conferences as well, and even organize their own local meet up events such as hackathons. These can be great opportunities to meet other members of the community, talk about OpenMRS, and form lasting relationships.

These events are usually announced on the OpenMRS developers mailing lists, so be sure you're subscribed to learn about them and share your own.

# Feedback

One simple way for you to contribute right now is to give us feedback on this book! Anything you have to say will be helpful to us, so please fill out our brief survey: http://om.rs/newdevsurvey.